Our experiance, through years of in the business, gives us results of nearly non-desructable cables. This is why DL Cables offers a lifetime warranty on all the cables.

Before you send it back to us, you should read this:

There are situations where it may seem like it is the cable that’s damaged but it could be many other things like a socket, the instrument itself, or a bad connection.

If you have any problems or a question about your cable, write to us. Together, we can sometimes figure out the problem and even save some money doing it.

After the initial analization of the issue, the cable should be returned to DL Cables with all the contact information necessary. DL Cables will thoroughly analize it once it comes back to us. Under the agreed warranty conditions, the product will then be repaired or replaced depending on the problem without any costs for the repair or exchange.

The warranty will not be accepted if the damage was caused by misuse, mechanical damage, or after any modifications.

All repairs will be done within 3 working days after the product is received. After accepting the warranty, DL Cables is only responsible for the cost of returning the cable to its owner.

If our service decides that the repair is not covered under warranty, DL Cables will contact you to discuss repair options.

We are trying to do everything not to get into these situations, but if they happen you now know what to do.