Speaker Cables / Jack and Speakon

Speaker cable „Raptor”

Ideal for connecting a „head” type of guitar or bass amplifier with a speaker cabinet.
Speaker cables are just as important as instrumental cables.  The right width of the cable is crucial because it allows the correct amount of power from the amplifier to flow to the speakers. But the biggest influence on tone has the material from which the cable is made from.


The diameter of our „Raptor” cable is 8.6 mm.  The special combination of materials used in the „Raptor” characterizes itself by letting the „mids” get through more freely which, in turn, creates an effect of the overall sound getting through clearer on stage or in the studio.

The cable is protected by a special woven cover and tube to provide increased protection and, in turn, lifespan of the cable.

Direction of the Cable

The connections should be done according to the markings on the cable – in direction from the source of sound source to the receiver.  In this case, the amplifier being the source and the cabinet being the receiver.

In our speaker cables, we used the highest quality plugs from Neutrik and G&H.

Plug types:

  • straight 1/4″ plug
  • 90° angled 1/4″ plug
  • Speakon plug

DL Cables specializes in Custom – special order cables.
There exists the possibility of ordering in all lengths and in all jack and Speakon configurations.
The direction is marked by an arrow.


Standard length:

Length in cm  Jack plug – in direction from the source Jack plug – in direction to the receiver Product number
75 cm straight 1/4″ straight 1/4″ RG07511
150cm straight 1/4″ straight 1/4″ RG15011
500cm straight 1/4″ straight 1/4″ RG50011
100cm Speakon Speakon RG100SS
100cm straight 1/4″ Speakon RG1001S
200cm Speakon Speakon RG200SS
200cm straight 1/4″ Speakon RG2001S

If you are interested in a non-standard cable, pleas fill out the form, which will help you place your order.  We will write back to you within 24 hours with the price and the timetable for realizing your order.  The basic rule is:  The shorter the cable, the better the sound.